Tuesday, August 19

August Planning Meeting

PAC August Planning Meeting


Attending: Christy, Elise, Jessy, Celeste, Jenny, Catherine, Trisha, Sheila, Heather
Notes graciously taken by: Christy

Welcome to new member Celeste!

New Secretary- Elise

New Fundraising Chair - Jenny

Membership drive-need members to get to as many classes as possible before our first meeting, Sept 18th. Will do a virtual sign-up over email since class placement letters have not yet gone out. Talk up the PAC in classes!

Flyers- Elise to get to sites, or Lehmann for distribution to sites, before first meeting

Advocacy - need co-chair
Want to get good stories to share with legislators. Try to get info during our class visits at our first classes, have them fill out a form or a sign-up sheet. Sign-up sheet seemed easier. Sheila will write letters to educator and sign-up sheet. Christy will make sure it gets to ecfe for distribution and will send to PAC.
Referendum info to be distributed as well. Referendum will be discussed at first meeting.

Preschool Fair: Date needs to be determined as does the space. Need to see what Kenny's space looks like. Bring sign-up for helping to first meeting.

First meeting- Thursday Sept 18th 7-8:30
-Snack sign-up at first meeting
-Bring treats...Elise :) PAC will pay
-Wilder as location
-"LAC/PAC meeting here" sign- Elise

Speaker- Trish
-strength speaker Jennifer Fox
-speaks for free, just pay flight/hotel and let sell book
-perhaps as a fall speaker event

Membership chair -Trish
-treat organizer
-banner for advertising "sponsored by"

Make a poster size flyer for each site with dates of our meetings to match flyers - Elise will look into it

Newsletter- Catherine will continue

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