Thursday, November 20

Meeting Minutes 10.23.08

Sorry these are being posted so late!! -Elise

Attending: Tina H-P, Christy P, Angie S, Sarah S, Jill H, Heather B, Rachel I-H, Kris N, Jenny C, Jessy S, Elise R, Catherine M

NEXT MEETING: NOVEMBER 20th, 7-8:30pm at Wilder Elementary School.

Strong Schools Strong Cities Referendum (Brooke) – Referendum to provide $60 mil/year for next 10 years for Mpls public schools, to make up for lag in state and federal funding. Half to keep class sizes down; other ½ for Early Age Literacy, Math and Science, and Textbooks and Technology. If passed, there will be an oversight committee to insure transparency and accountability. Talking Points: There is an $8 return for every $1 spent on early childhood education; money spent on education keeps kids in school and reduces juvenile delinquency, crime, and homelessness. Talk about it at ECFE! (Because ECFE educators can’t.) Questions? Go to Also check out Catherine’s letter to the editor in tomorrow’s (10/24) Strib!

Blue Sky Guides (Jenny) – Guides are at all the sites; they are $20 and we keep $10 of that. We are trying to be done with the sale next month. 28 have been sold so far; last year we sold 80+ so let’s try and at least meet that goal again.

Treasurer’s Report (Tina) – currently have ~$1200, and waiting on $1000 from Best Buy. We will need to file a 990e postcard tax return yearly from now on.

Preschool Fair (Jessy) – Set for Nov. 15th @ Burroughs in the cafeteria (same as last year), 10-noon. Childcare is being taken care of by Sharon. Last year there were 15 preschools and 80+ families at the fair. Everyone will get a packet with all the schools’ information in it. Jessy is working with committee members to follow up with invited schools. Trisha can help with copying packets as long as they’re ready in advance. Need to contact Sheila regarding water for tables. Flyer has been sent out, but noone has gotten it, so need to follow up. Catherine will also feature it in upcoming newsletter. PAC approved $300 budget for copies and other supplies.

Newsletter (Catherine) – Christy gives Catherine a GOLD STAR for recommending the Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield as a good family outing. Be sure to check the newsletters for featured outings/locations every month. Send suggestions to Catherine. Angie suggested Inner City Tennis obstacle course at Nicollet and 46th tennis center – most Saturdays from 1:30-3:00pm, great obstacle course staffed by volunteers for ages 3-8. FREE, plus healthy snack afterwards.

Gingerbread House (Christy on behalf of Heather) – a south Mpls tradition, has been going on for 20+ years now. $3 suggested donation, bring the kids, make a “gingerbread” house, leave the mess there! There will be peanut-free kits available. Scheduled for Dec. 13th at Hale Elementary School in the cafeteria, 10-1 (need volunteers for night before and from 9-2 on the day). Recommended for kids 2 and older. Volunteers are still needed!! Please email Heather to sign up.

Call to Fill Open Positions (Christy) – still have some committee positions open; must join at least committee to be official PAC member. Advocacy and Membership committees still open. Advocacy = working with Sheila on public advocacy like Strong Schools, legislative meetings, etc., and also advocating for ECFE at the LAC meetings. Membership = organizing social events for PAC members, recruiting and welcoming new members. Low time commitment for this one. Email Christy for more information.

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