Tuesday, December 2

We have a bookstore!

As requested, I have just finished setting up an Amazon.com bookstore specifically for the South PAC. (Note the new tab up top, to the left of the "contact" tab.) We'll get a small kickback on every purchase made through this store, and it's a great place for us to feature our favorite parenting resources. Which is where you come in - I need ideas for books to add to the store! Send me lists of your favorite books related to parenting, either in comments to this post or via email and I'll add them to the store. As you can see, right now I have the books in three categories: Parenting Resources, ECFE Books, and Just for Fun. Take a look at what's there so far and send me your ideas for additions, new categories to add, and any other feedback. Once we get this baby loaded up with a few more books we can start publicizing it in classes and to friends and family. Hope you like the set up!

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