Monday, May 18

Meeting Minutes 4.16.09

PAC meeting April 16, 2009

Attending: Christy, Sheila, Michelle, Tina, Sarah, Sarah, Sue H., Catherine, Rachel, Vanessa, Angie, Elise, Trish, Heather, Jill

Treasurer’s Report: $3008.64 in the account, thanks to Best Buy!

LAC Report: Maureen was there (she heads up Early Childhood programs for Mpls K12). Talked about volunteerism ideas, got the green light to contact classrooms about this. Coordinating fundraising citywide for fall – can Blue Sky Guides work for this? Maybe plant sale, like North PAC did this year? Shared ideas re: collecting class fees. There will be a new logo for ECFE for fall; shared ideas about making other changes. Maureen welcomes feedback/contact from parents – her email address is online. Legislator update: No program cuts right now, poss. moderate cut to childcare assistance from Senate.

Advocacy: Poss. event for the fall (October?) – invite Principals and School Board for informational meeting, maybe a class visit to sell them on having ECFE in their schools. Elise will collect some data to present for this. If you hear good stories about ECFE in your classes, get their contact info and send it to Sheila!!

Hale is losing some classroom space for next year, which will have a big impact on class offerings. Site liaison (Kris Norton) recommends possibly contacting the Hale Principal to let them know how important ECFE is to you. If you’re in a class at Hale and can stop by Principal’s office, that would be great; also phone or mail contact if you can’t do it in person. (Possibly organize a meeting with all the PAC Hale parents? Or schedule a meeting that other parents in your class can come to.)

Vanessa raised issue of scheduling – Edina publishes schedule in January for next year, why can’t Mpls do the same?

Newsletter: There will be one more this year. Catherine is interested possibility of sharing this position if anyone else is into it.

Website: As always, send links to Elise, who will have the website back to normal posting levels hopefully next month.

Spring Events:
Vehicle Day – May 30 from 10-1 at Sabbathani. Arrangements proceeding on schedule.

Cinco de Mayo – Tues, May 5 from 6-8 at Wilder. Need two shifts of PAC members to help out (Christy has sign-up sheet).

Baby Sign Class – Possibly moving to next year’s schedule.

PAC Year End Picnic:

Elections for next year!

Next meeting: Thurs May 21st

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