Monday, August 17

PAC Summer Planning Meeting Minutes

Wed, August 12th

Attending: Rachel, Catherine, Trish, Suzanne, Jessy, Sarah Sluka, Sheila, Christy

-Membership drive - signed up to visit classes. need to send out reminders and requests to visit other classes.

-September meeting (Thurs, Sept 17th from 7-8:30 pm). Location? Jessy, Sarah Sluka, Suzanne to bring treats. Catherine to check supplies for plates, napkins. Trish will get bottled water. (Make sure to ask Membership chair to do snack sign up for year.)

-Barnes and Noble fall event w/citywide PACs-- Sat, Nov 14th from 10 am-4 pm at Calhoun Square BN. Is bn going to be alerted to teacher's wish list?

-Blue Sky Guides - Christy will follow up with Jenny and Sarah Showalter to make sure it's all a go for the Sept meeting

-Preschool Fair - Jessy chairing. Try for Sat Nov 7th at Burroughs, 10-12.

-Fall Advocacy Event - Sheila: Possibilities, event with principals and/or school board members. Worried about them being busy with district changes but we'll invite them anyway. Will invite all principals, even those not at an ecfe site.

-Baby sign class - Sept 23rd. Location? Try for Hale. Trish will follow up. Voted to pay $75 for the class. No babysitting, babes in arms welcome.

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