Wednesday, September 30

Meeting Minutes 9.17.09

Attending: Eric H., Christy, Trish, Catherine, Angie, Jessy, Elise, Marcella, Sarah Sl, Sheila, Leslee, Ada, Sarah Sh, Suzanne, Rhonda, Sharon

Eric Hansen welcome & help w/recruitment for Hale GLBT class. Brought fliers to hand out at local clinic.

Welcome & Introductions (Christy): Fill out yellow sheet in folder; check out FAQs on reverse of agenda. Introductions and discussion of superpowers and superhero identities. Overview of requirements and benefits of membership. PAC plans + review of last year. Thing to note: most of our activities are things that we’ve been doing for a while, so there’s a good body of knowledge for newcomers. Overview of various events and committees.

Snack sign up: snacks are important!!

By-laws and request from Hale for funds for books – Elise will scan and put on website. Melanie (at Hale) has requested funds to buy sets of books for literacy classes; our by-laws prevent this kind of direct funding as a way to prevent SouthPAC from becoming a fundraising group. As of now we need to honor our by-laws but we might want to think about writing in some leeway that would allow us to honor one-time requests like this one. Tabled for next meeting. This might also be a good use for Blue Sky Guide fundraiser. Motion to approve that Teachers be allowed to sell Blue Sky Guides in their ECFE classes and keep the profits for the books they sell (PAC would keep the profits from PAC member sales). Motion seconded and approved. Christy will communicate this with Melanie. Information for online ECFE class – upcoming: 8 week positive parenting session. FREE, register online at ECFE site. Also: There is space in early ones at Hale (Thursday 9-10:30 AM). Tuesdays 1-3 Ron from Teddy Bear band is offering a Music Play and Learn class @ Wilder – still openings in that as well.

Blue Sky Guides (Jenny/Sarah Sh): Jenny has them to hand out – take what you think you can sell and start hitting up friends and family! (Checks go to ECFE SouthPAC; $10 of the $20 cost is tax-deductible). Only selling these for the next three weeks!!

Preschool Fair (Jessy): Poss 14th of Nov (waiting to see if Burroughs is available) great resource for parents; many local preschools are invited to send representatives and we also send out a questionnaire that we compile into a packet for parents to keep. Elise looking into creating online/electronic version of questionnaire that could be dumped into a database(?). Elise and Jessy will pursue this option. Need to get going on this ASAP!!!

Meeting Location – We have been holding PAC meetings at Wilder to coordinate with LAC meetings (same night and location); some discussion of LAC moving to Mona Moede to accommodate North PAC members. If LAC moves we need to discuss what impact this will have on PAC meeting times/place


Information about committees and call to fill open positions (Christy and committee chairs)

Committee sign-up and BSG sign-out/Informal Q&A time.

Next Meeting is the 22nd of October (late due to MEA weekend) at Wilder

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