Sunday, October 25

Meeting Minutes 10.22.09

Attending: Angie, Trisha, Heather, Sara, Catherine, Kori, Suzanne, Ada, Tony, Leslee, Sheila, Christy, Jenny, Jessy, Elise

Introductions – how are you like your mother or father?

MELD class report (Tony) – 2nd year of the project: parent volunteers as facilitators, two classes, both at Wilder, three returning facilitators and one new one. Seven families in the morning class; Latino families class in the afternoon with eight families. Last year MELD had a grant to help pay for training, stipends for volunteers, start up costs, etc. This year there are no funds through ECFE to pay facilitators, but Tony is asking PAC to consider funding an honorarium for this year’s facilitators. Last year people were paid $1000 for the year in two $500 increments. Broad support for paying facilitators some dollar amount, but PAC can’t afford last year’s level. Discussion as to whether we should explore other funding options for this on an ongoing basis. (Grants, additional fundraiser, etc.) Trisha brought in some budget numbers. Motion made to approve December payment of $100 per facilitator with a plan for making another $100 payment in the spring pending budgetary availability. Elise will look into possible granting options and bring to next meeting.

Treasurer’s report (Trish) $2450.60 in the bank, not including Blue Sky guide, also Christy has $175.00 check to add. Review of budget trends from past years; Trisha will bring details to December meeting for spring planning.

LAC report (Trish) Leadership Advisory Committee is a steering committee for the ECFE program composed of Staff, Parents, and Public school members – important to maintain parent presence because it really gives us a voice on the committee and steers attention towards projects that are important to us. Tonight was 1st meeting of the year. Announcements: This Saturday at South HS is family enrichment day with three sessions on Early Childhood (Literacy and Development). They have childcare and are providing lunch. Link to more information is forthcoming. Also discussed using the PAC as liaison between ECFE classes and parents for ways parents can assist ECFE classes (making playdough, helping clean, etc.). Discussed brochure changes – if you have ideas for feedback please get them to Trisha so we can make some changes early! (As opposed to last year’s last minute scramble.) Tony went to get brochures that we can review so look them over and bring ideas to the next meeting!!

Letter to Editor of SW Journal? (Christy) Kris Norton alerted us that there was a listing for Early Childhood resources that did not include ECFE, and wondered if we could write a letter. Heather has agreed to oblige.

Preschool Fair (Jessy) – November 14, 10am-noon. This year we invited 30 schools, ½ of invites were via email (based on schools’ preference); also we made an electronic version of the survey so that we can retain the information year to year. So far 9 schools committed to coming; deadline is the 30th. Burroughs has been reserved for the space; need some volunteers to help with setup, childcare, and cleanup. Grace preschool offered to come to individual ECFE classes as well; Christy will pass this along to site liaisons. Elise will email link to survey so PAC members can follow up with their preschools.

B&N Event (Christy) Same day as Preschool Fair – fundraiser for all the city PACs. B&N at Calhoun Village will have events and refreshments, author visits, etc. All $$ raised will be split between three PACs. Can use vouchers at ANY B&N in the country (not online) so send them to friends and family and anything they buy that day will go to us. Tony wanted to know about options for having parents purchase multiple copies of books for classrooms. Christy recommends contacting store managers.

Baby Sign Event (Angie/Trish) moved to November 18th (Weds) 6:30-7:30 in music room pending availability of Hale. No childcare, bring your baby with you. Keep an eye out in your classes and if you don’t see it let Trisha or Christy know!

Blue Sky Guides (Jenny) Kris mentioned that she would prefer to have her $$ from the guides in cash. Christy says $$ has to be used for specific classroom expenditures, so we need documentation of how $$ is spent. Tony prefers making the purchase and then getting reimbursed. Christy will contact with liaisons and we can manage this on a site-by-site basis.

T-shirt sales? (Christy/Jenny) – Ron (childhood teacher) asking if we want to sell T-shirts. Could do at events (which means paying out in advance) or could do class orders where we get the orders in advance and then order what we need. Unclear as to whether this would be fundraiser for PAC or for ECFE. Catherine has good local printer; Christy will follow up with Ron and we will make some decisions at next meeting.

Gingerbread (Sara Sluka) – looking at Sat. Dec. 12th, need to secure space. Either Burroughs or Wilder are viable options. Talk to Sharon to arrange the space. Need committee members!

Advocacy (Sheila) 1.) Strengthening link between Mpls. Schools and ECFE through principal visits to ECFE classrooms. 2.) Hale school is doing organics recycling (composting) – we can expand this to the ECFE classes at Hale. 3.) Computers in the classroom – some people feel strongly about having them, some about not having them. Something to be brought up with site liaison if you have questions/concerns.

Call to fill open positions (Catherine/Christy) need additional members on Advocacy, Fundraising, Speaker Events and Membership committees.

Next meeting: Thursday November 19th Sheila has snacks; planning Gingerbread event.

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