Tuesday, October 26

Meeting Minutes - 9.23.10

South PAC Meeting
September 23, 2010

Attending: Kori, Trisha, Elise, Ben, Maleena, Catherine, Kris, Christy, Bradley, Nicole

7:00 Welcome and introductions (Kori) start of the school year memories

7:15 An overview of PAC (Kori): what we do, how to become a member

7:20 Snack Sign up

7:25 Chinook Books (Jenny): These are currently for sale in classes. We get $10/book sold and we donate that to the site. Blue Sky guides are now Chinook Books - buy them from your site to fund them or buy from a PAC member to support PAC. If you want books to sell, see Jenny C.

7:30 Preschool Fair (Kori and Elise): Date tentatively set for November 13 Free childcare will be available. Still finalizing school contacts - if you have a school you'd like to see there let Elise know. (Sue H is contact for Burroughs; also need to let Sharon know ASAP for staffing.)

7:40 Scholastic (Suzanne) - Suzanne is working out the details; Wilder has been approved as the site where books will be delivered; Kori will send out an email as soon as everything has been finalized.

7:45 Fundraising (Dan) T-shirts - Elise will send Dan the details he needs to get started

7:50 Fall night out (Catherine) Heather is taking a break from PAC, but Catherine will be new Membership Chair (yay!!) Working on Night Out for October.

7:55 Overview of remaining committees and committee sign up: Gingerbread (Leslie and Nicole [and Emily?]), Advocacy (needs Chair/Jenny), Speaker (needs Chair), Vehicle Day (needs Chair - make sure date doesn't conflict with Tony's Fishing event), Cinco De Mayo (needs Chair)

8:10 Other / LAC update - Focus areas for this year: Signage for ECFE, Transportation for ECFE, PAC connections, reach more parents, ECFE Space challenges, Recruiting parents for LAC, reaching underserved populations, citywide fundraising, ECFE advocacy, volunteer website to coordinate talents and needs - Kori and others interested in more info about Kindergarten/High-5. LAC always looking for more stuff to talk about - send emails to Trisha if there's stuff you want discussed. Trisha.Hanson@bestbuy.com

Oct 7, 6-7 at Anne Sullivan: "Raising Compassionate Kids" by the founder of Doing Good For Kids FREE

10/7 also Read for the Record day: Snowy Day available online, read it with your kid and they donate a hardcover book to a kid! (http://www.readfortherecord.org/)

8:15 informal Q and A time

8:30 Adjourn

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