Thursday, January 24

Meeting Minutes 1.24.13

Attending: Kori, Elise, Leah, Susie, Ted, Laura

Gingerbread - we actually MADE money this year! Congrats to Katie for her stellar leadership. Thanks to all who solicited donations, it was a big success. Some confusion about the price - need to remember to tell next Year's committee that the charge is per FAMILY not per house. Also based on this year's numbers we should make 125 kits for next year.

Teacher Appreciation Baskets - bring donations for the 4 baskets/bags - something that's easy for the staff at each school to share (so not Starbucks gift cards, for example). Cookies, candy, etc. are good. Bring enough for 4 gift bags.

T-Shirts - has taken a while to get the logo but now we have it. Order form has been rejiggered for this year's order and will be distributed to site liaisons shortly. Once all the orders are in it will take the printer about a day to get them printed. We will not be offering a ringer tee this year (more profit for us) - may need to redo the graphic (ask Chad). Target is to get flyers out by the 25th and then they would be due the 22nd of March.

Scholastic - planning on two more orders; one in February and one in April.

Winter Potluck - usu. on a Sunday afternoon. Date set for March 3, 4-6pm at Kori's house

Spring Event? - Vehicle Day seems like it's a bust - need to confirm whether or not Southdale is  doing one again this year; if not, maybe we could revive the event. Much more enthusiasm for the vehicle day than for a garage sale ... Decision is to see how many people would get their vehicles to us for a late May show, and if we can get the vehicles we'll do it; if not, we'll see if we can be involved with the Southdale one. Ted is on it!!

Cinco de Mayo - may not happen this year as Tony has another event that might conflict. He will keep us posted.

Other: Longfellow has a great gymnasium if we wanted to host some kind of winter dance party. Kori will see what other events are on for March and maybe we can fit something in.

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