Tuesday, May 15

Talking With Children About Race Speaker Event Wrap-up

Many thanks to Alicia Sojourner, Bethany Janson, and the 60+ parents that came out for the Talking With Children About Race event on Thursday night! Alicia sparked a lot of great conversation, and it seemed like everyone wished that we had had more than just ninety minutes of conversation. Some of the questions that we all asked ourselves:

- When did we first have a conversation about race or racism?
- What were the messages you received from your family about race?
- Who did you play with?
- Did your teachers always look like you?
- Did protagonists in books, movies, and television look like you and your family?

Like many parenting topics, Alicia reinforced that talking about race with children is most effective when we talk with our children early, and often. If you’re interested in learning more about Alicia and her work, follow Alicia on her Facebook page.

And please join us at our speaker events next school year, details will be announced over on our Facebook page.

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