Friday, May 25

We Changed Our Name! (And Our URL!)

Up until 2014, there were three ECFE "Parent Advisory Councils", which were usually referred to as "PACs". In the 1990s and early 2000s, there may have been an even greater number of PACs in Minneapolis, but those details have since been lost to time. In, or around 2014, the East PAC was down to just one site location due to a few of their schools being remodeled, and some other now forgotten factors. In addition, most of the children of the parents on the East PAC had aged out of ECFE, so the East PAC decided to shut down, and merged itself in to the South PAC. This left just the North PAC and the South PAC. After continuing to operate autonomously for a couple of years, both PACs decided to pool their resources and become a single, city-wide Parent Advisory Council.

After this merger, in February of 2018, the newly unified PAC decided that the term PAC had too many political connotations, and that it would be better if we were known as the Minneapolis ECFE Parents Council. Of course, our old url no longer made sense, so we decided to also change our url to the new and improved Have a look around, and let us know what you think - or if you find any broken links!

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