Wednesday, December 11

December 2019 Meeting Minutes

Great turnout for our December meeting - we wrote 19 cards to our representatives sharing our love for ECFE and as constituents our request to increase funding for ECFE programs in Minnesota.

The meeting minutes are available in Dropbox.

We are looking for volunteers to coordinate speaker events, a day at the capital, and also day-of volunteers for our January speaker event for just a few hours. Please reach out to if you are available Tuesday January 14th from 4:30-6:30 to greet and help out at Wilder.

Upcoming meetings:
Wednesday, January 8th 7-8:30
Wednesday, February 12th 7-8:30
Wednesday, March 11th 7-8:30
Wednesday, April 15th 7-8:30
Wednesday, May 13th 7-8:30

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