Tuesday, November 13

ECFE South PAC meeting
Oct. 11, 2007

Attending: Christy Pettis, Catherine Mandle, Sara Kleckner, Tina Ham Peterson, Jessy Schrandt, Michelle Mougin, Sheila Eldred, Sara Hong, Sue Harrington. Tim Hanson, Trisha Hanson

Kindergarten Info (Christy)
It was suggested that PAC provide information to ECFE parents about kindergarten enrollment. The public school fair is not always adequate, the website is outdated, and there is no easy way for parents to compare kindergartens. Although not technically an ECFE issue, it is information useful to ECFE parents. Christy will bring this up at the LAC meeting.

PAC newsletter (Christy)
We’d like to distribute a monthly newsletter to be passed out in classes. It would inform ECFE parents of our activities and also be a recruitment tool. Catherine Mandle has volunteered to develop this.

Preschool Information Fair (Sara)
The fair will be held Saturday November 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, at Burroughs School. Surveys have been mailed to the participating preschools. PAC will produce a packet containing the survey responses; the packet will be given to parents at the fair. If any members have contacts at a particular preschool, Sara would like help phoning those schools. Sara also will email members a flier to be passed out at neighborhood businesses. Sara is looking for volunteers to help set up/take down on the day of the fair. Child care will be provided.

Gingerbread (Christy)
We’re still looking for volunteers for this committee. The event date has not been set.

Fundraising (Christy)
Blue Sky guides continue to be sold at the school sites, and members are encouraged to sell them as well. Bean cards continue to be sold; we’ve recouped the cost but will continue sales. (The cards expire in April 2008.)

PAC Night Out (Tim and Trish)
Two ideas: (1) Bryant Lake Bowl; (2) Chatterbox CafĂ©, which has board games and cool atmosphere. Friday nights seem to work best for most people. Tim and Trish will email possible dates to all members and we’ll vote.

Meeting dates and times (Christy)
Beginning in November, PAC meetings will be held the third Thursdays of the month at Wilder Elementary School (34th and Chicago). LAC will meet on the same dates and location. LAC meets from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm., and dinner is provided. PAC meets from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Free child care is provided for both meetings.

However, October is an exception to the above. The LAC meeting will be held Thursday, October 25 at Webster (note: Webster, not Wilder) from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Dinner is served.

Call to fill open positions on committees (Christy)
Those signing up tonight will be included on the official member roster for winter trimester.

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