Sunday, November 25

Minutes of South PAC Meeting, Nov 15, 2007

The December PAC meeting is Thurs Dec 20 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Wilder School
LAC meets from 5:00 to 5:30 pm (dinner) and 5:30 to 6:45 pm (meeting)
As always, free childcare is provided for both meetings.

Michelle Mougin, Christy Pettis, Jessy Schrandt, Suzan Krygowski, Catherine Mandle, Kristine Norton, Sara Kleckner, Sheila Eldred, Julie Casserly, Heather Cholat, Sara Hong, Tina Ham Peterson.

Preschool Fair (Sara):
Fifteen schools and 82 families attended this year’s fair. That was twice the number of families from last year, probably because we provided childcare this time. Next year we should notify the site liaisons to ensure there are 3 staff members available for childcare.

Copies of this year’s preschool survey will be made available at all the ECFE sites. It was suggested that for next year’s survey, we add a question about whether religion is part of the preschool’s curriculum.

This was Sara’s last year as committee chair of the preschool fair. New members are encouraged to volunteer for next year’s chair position.

PAC newsletter (Catherine):
The newsletter will be distributed each month during the week preceding the South PAC meeting. Members with news should contact Catherine.

Gingerbread (Heather and Suzan):
The Gingerbread House event is Saturday Dec 15 (10:00 am to 1:00 pm) at Burroughs School. Free childcare will be available. Volunteers are needed to prep on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Please contact Suzan or Heather if you can help.

Fundraising (Suzan):
About 90 Blue Sky Guides have been sold. PAC will use the remaining bean cards to purchase coffee beans, to be sold at the Gingerbread event.

PAC night out (Christy):
Friday Nov 30, 6:30 pm at Chatterbox Café (Highland Park location).

PAC T-shirts/signage (Christy):
A motion was made and carried that we purchase t-shirts and banners, to create a more visible presence at events. Sara will coordinate the t-shirt design, and Catherine will arrange for a screen printer. The cost will be about $6 per shirt. Catherine will also check prices for making a large banner saying “This event sponsored by South PAC,” or words to that effect, and also a banner specifically for the annual Gingerbread House event.

Educator Appreciation Baskets (Christy):
PAC will send baskets to three sites, with small holiday gifts for teachers (homemade treats, chocolate, crackers, cookies, hand lotion, etc.). Members who wish to contribute should bring 3 items to the Gingerbread event (or to the Friday afternoon prep). Please choose items that are easy to divide amongst the staff (gift cards, for example, are difficult to divide).

Treasurer’s report (Tina):
Our current balance is $4119.84.

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