Sunday, January 18

Meeting Minutes 1.15.09

Jan 15, 2009 South PAC Meeting

Attending: Sheila, Sarah Sl, Heather, Jessy, Tina, Sharon, Vanessa, Christy, Trisha, Jenny, Elise

Treasurer's Report (Tina): $1952.62 with a few more small bills to be paid for Gingerbread House Event.

LAC Report (Christy): Concerns that we have that would affect the ECFE budget either positively or negatively. Staffing is the biggest budget item. Under-3 morning classes are critical, but also there aren’t many activities that can be done with multiple children, which the birth-5 cover well. One place to look might be developing more parent-led classes, which frees up a parent educator slot. The internet class might help with budgetary concerns with more support/publicity. (Could internet classes partner with parks system to add a face-to-face component?) Parent Volunteer Opportunities – are there needs that ECFE parents could be fulfilling on a volunteer basis? (E.g., making playdough, helping in the classroom, etc.)

Budget Task Force (Christy): Need at least two members to attend. Thursdays, Jan 29th and Feb 5th from 5:30-8:00 pm at Wilder. Free childcare and dinner. Excellent opportunity to have a real impact and see the inner workings of ECFE. Need to RSVP to Helen by the 21st of Jan. (If you RSVP cc Christy as well.)

Principal/ECFE connection (Sheila): Modeled after Hale, where principal comes in and speaks to ECFE classes; can we expand that? Devote one class session to school choice, including visits from multiple principals? Good way to strengthen public school/ECFE connection – could be used to reinforce importance of ECFE to the schools, as well (ECFE as a resource for keeping Mpls kids in Mpls schools). Possibly could do a speaker event related to this as well. Sheila will talk to liaisons re: onsite principals visiting ECFE classes, and will look into an invited event for offsite principals and school boards.

Family Potluck (Christy): Sunday, Feb 8th at 4 pm. Informal, purely social, bring the kids. Location TBD. (You’ll get an email.) Sign up for food – via Evite.

Teacher Baskets (Christy): Assemble at potluck. Please bring items for 3 baskets. Homemade goodies are encouraged – the teachers love them (and more than one has said that anything chocolate is a favorite). These items will be shared among the staff at each site, so things that are easily shared (ie no gift cards to Caribou) are best.

Newsletter: Catherine needs a feature for the upcoming newsletter – highlight PAC activities? Budget Task Force? HoTB Theatre? Other ideas email Catherine M.

Spring Events:
- Vehicle Day - Angie will chair :) Jessy will bestow her wisdom from last year.
- Cinco de Mayo - Trish and Sarah Sl. At Wilder; contact Tony to set things up.
- PAC Night Out - March or April?
- Speaker events - Trish. Angie is working on putting together a possible baby signing class/event. Looking at March for this event.

PAC Website (Elise) – PLEASE send Elise any information that would be of interest to local parents – especially looking for links, pictures, local events, things to do in the Twin Cities, parenting books/articles, etc. We want the site to become one-stop shopping for local parents of preschoolers!

Upcoming Events:
Registration for Spring-now through Feb 6th
East PAC preschool fair at Webster: Sat 1/24
Budget Task Force: Thurs 1/29 and 2/5
North PAC Baby Disco: Sat Feb 7th at Mona Moede
South PAC Family Potluck: Sunday 2/8
East PJ Party: Tues Feb 10th from 6-8 pm at Sullivan
Next Meeting: Thurs Feb 19th

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