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Meeting Minutes 1.21.10

PAC Meeting
January 21, 2010
Attending: Christy P, Catherine M, Sue H, Elise R, Suzanne H, Dan P, Leslee, Sara S, Heather C, Trisha H

Welcome and Introductions – memorable birthday stories!

Treasurer’s Report – Warning: if you need $$ from Trisha, get it when you turn in your receipts or you may have to wait awhile. Currently operating on a 8 week turnaround. ~$3000 in the bank. More exact numbers to come. Also read sweet thank-you card from Tina for the Salon gift card we got her.

LAC Update – ECFE going to start taking online CC payments! Yay!!! Will be ready for fall registration. Bonus: if you pay with CC, you will get confirmation email as soon as your payment is processed notifying you which class you got into. Idea from southside teacher wondering if PAC could sponsor some kind of baby first-aid/infant CPR class. Christy will follow up. Events: NorthPAC is sponsoring a Baby Disco again this year. Sat Feb 6 4:30-6 pm at Mona Moede, $5 suggested donation w/snacks available for CHEAP purchase. Also looking to Citywide Earth Day events. Northside also is sending $75 from book fair to all citywide PACs, so that situation got resolved well. EastPAC holding Pajama Party on Thursday Mar 4 5-7:30pm at Sullivan, $5 suggested donation, includes pizza. Can bring pajamas to donate, also holding a silent auction so if you have items to donate let Christy know ASAP.


Cinco de Mayo potluck: May 5 is on a Wednesday this year. Easy event for us b/c Tony (teacher at Wilder) pretty much organizes the whole thing. May need a chair for this one – please let Christy or Catherine know if you can help with this. Suzanne will chair or co-chair.

Vehicle Day: Probably happen around 1st weekend in June. Since Angie isn’t here, we decided that she volunteered to chair this one again. Right, Angie? However, as she’s due in July she will need assistance!

February Teacher Appreciation Baskets – started last year doing this for Valentine’s day rather than at Xmas. PAC gets baskets and we fill ‘em with stuff. Should be something that is easily splittable among ECFE staff members (so, not gift cards). Baked goods or other homemade stuff is great. Soooo: bring your stuff to the next meeting! (February 18th) Making three baskets, so bring three sets of stuff if you can.

Advocacy Day – Voices for Children day @ State Capitol (advocacy day for all early childhood programs in the state, including ECFE): rally in the morning, families w/small children encouraged to come. Monday, Mar. 1st starting @ 9:15am. Elise will post flyer on PAC site. Great way to make us more visible for state legislators when thinking about budget items. Go if you can!

Precinct Caucuses – Kat at Ready 4 K provided some guidelines on submitting a resolution at your precinct caucus. Good details for anyone interested in seeing that early childhood support is part of your party’s platform. Elise will post link or document on PAC site for more information.

Scholastic Books – Dan is interested in working w/Kris @ Hale; perhaps should move to model where each site has PAC liaison to take care of orders. Christy: does PAC need to be involved? If we go to online ordering, can’t site teachers just do it if they want to? Sue/Catherine: teachers could really use assistance with sorting orders when the books come. Also there is some organizational stuff on the front end that a parent liaison would be really helpful for. Since we haven’t done online ordering before we just need to jump in and try it out. Question: how often should we do this? Order forms come out once a month … might be a lot of work for parent volunteers. Catherine (for Wilder), Leslee (for Kenny) and Dan (for Hale) will start as liaisons and try for doing orders once a trimester.

T-shirt sales – We have these T-shirts w/new ECFE logo, but no toddler sizes so we need a new vendor. These would be for ordering in classes as a fundraiser for PAC Probably need to recreate logo in different format (Elise can make this happen if needed). Dan: they have been doing this in St. Paul for ages, let’s talk to them and find out about the logistic. Christy: to simplify we should just do one color shirt, one color ink. Elise: and if people want variety we can always throw something up on CafePress and link to it from the site. Dan will talk to St. Paul people, Catherine will get quotes from Minneapolis source and Elise will work with Chad on getting logo into appropriate format. Next meeting can make some decisions.

Other – Heather: membership events – last year we did a family potluck around filling the baskets, should we do this again? Yes, but not connected to basket: Sunday, Mar 7th, @ 4pm. Heather will send out evite. Still bring treats to next meeting. Elise: Preschool information fair packets are up on PAC site for download – what other documents do we want linked? Send suggestions to Elise. Elise will add bylaws to site, also looking into putting event documents up accessible by PAC members only. Sara: Gingerbread event went well, but 75% of people who signed up in advance did not show, so next year should not bother with signups and reduce prep to 100 kits.

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