Thursday, February 18

Meeting Minutes 2.18.10

South PAC Meeting: February 18, 2010

Welcome and Introductions
Attending: Suzanne, Dan, Kris, Heather, Gael, Elise, Christy

Gael Ellis – MPS Office of Family Engagement: Community Liaison for Zone 3. Her job is to establish communication between the District and parents. Trying to approach parents of kids BEFORE they hit school age. They have monthly meetings with the school board and offer opportunity to interact with district at a high level. Would be nice to have a representative from ECFE at these meetings. Next meeting is THIS COMING THURSDAY at Whittier; Elise will post meeting schedule and links to PAC website.

February Teacher Appreciation Baskets – Since meeting attendance was so light, Elise will send out email seeing who else wants to contribute stuff or $$ to the baskets; Elise will deliver treats sometime next week.

LAC Update – Christy laid down the law on T-shirts. We will do them separately and then other PACs can do what they want. Kris: need to talk about space – Kenny and Hale are both iffy and there is not sufficient space to meet demand. Helen had questions about phone customer service – they have been working to improve. Has anyone had problems getting phone calls or voicemails returned? There was discussion about when ECFE yearly brochure comes out – would be nice if it could be earlier so people could plan around it. Gael suggested contacting Courtney Cushing-Kiernat about space and scheduling questions. Gael will talk to her about this and communicate back to Christy.

Spring events
Cinco de Mayo potluckSuzanne will contact Tony. As long as the space is available, it will be on the 5th of May.

Vehicle Day – Still needs a chair. Need to get going on this one. Angie (last year’s chair) will pass along the folder with all the info.

Advocacy Day – Monday, March 1. Sign up to take a bus in your classes or call central office 612-668-3927. Go and spread the word!

Speaker event – Kori is working on getting a safety speaker or possibly an infant/child CPR class. Christy will follow up.

Scholastic BooksDan will follow up with Catherine and work on setting it up.

T-shirt Sales – Dan talked to St. Paul ECFE, they use Shirts Unlimited (651-645-3311, Contact is Everett). St. Paul’s most popular sales were in toddler and youth ringer tees and long sleeved tees. For adults most popular were jersey tees, also some women’s fitted tees. Elise has worked with Gees Tees in Minneapolis and will check with them to see if they have the size range we need; then we can get two quotes and just pick one. To find out: What are the color choices (i.e., what do they have in both adult and child sizes)? What is the screen fee? What is the minimum order? What’s the pricing for a basic short sleeved tee? For a ringer tee? For a ladies fitted tee? For hats? Elise and Dan will get this info to Christy in time for the next LAC meeting, then we can pick the vendor at the PAC meeting.

PAC Family Potluck Sunday, March 7, 4 pm at Christy’s house: 5320 30th Ave. S. Please bring a dish to share. Evite should be out soon!

Other – Kris needs to know how much $$ Hale has from the Blue Sky Guides so they can plan their purchases. Also, for recruiting purposes: Elise will bring more flyers to next meeting; also work on creating pretty email version of flyer.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, March 18

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