Wednesday, March 24

Meeting Minutes 3.18.10

Attending: Christy, Ada, Angie, Suzanne, Dan, Catherine, Kori, Tony, Trisha, Jessy, Nicole

Welcome and Introductions

Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance is $3375.14

LAC Update – East PAC and North PAC are really getting going. North PAC has fan page on FB, why don’t we??? Elise will create one. North PAC is having a plant sale – check for more info. They are also having a "Momcation" in May - $15/person for a night at the Marriot with a Yoga class, dinner, reflexology, etc – they are doing cool stuff!! We should do some cool stuff!! East PAC had their pajama party and a silent auction that raised $500.

Area B Council follow-up (tabled until next meeting)

Spring events
Cinco de Mayo potluck – Tuesday, May 5th at Wilder; PAC will commit $200 for rice and beans

Vehicle Day – Who will chair this!?!?! Angie and Kori will organize; Catherine will help with onsite stuff at the event. Happens around the 1st weekend in June (the 5th?)

Speaker event idea – Stephanie Johnson on movement and brain development – Kori working on safety talk/workshop, free, some Tuesday this spring. Poss. 19th of May.

Scholastic Books – tabled for next month.

T-Shirt sales – Dan talked to St. Paul person, and they apparently have a fairly comprehensive T-shirt sales document. So he is looking into getting a copy. Talked with Everett at Shirts Unlimited; they are pretty flexible about orders, no screen set-up charge. They guestimate sales and determine per-shirt price based on that, then all sales go towards that price structure. They will do samples that can be sent around with sign-up sheets (which we would create); this aids sales. has their catalog with all options. For coolibar (sp?) hats: 50 minimum order, and you get it for 50% off retail. $3-4 of embroidery per hat; $75-100 for embroidery set-up. Elise got info from GeeTeez (see handout). Discussion of options: start with just hats? How much would people pay for kid’s shirts ($7-10)? Do we want this to be more about raising awareness or fundraising? Per our bylaws all fundraising efforts have to be in tandem with site staff. [Angie: maybe we could talk about doing a silent auction instead of the Blue Sky guides. Tabled until later.] Would get orders ahead of time so we don’t have to carry stock. Do we need to set up a PayPal acct. so people can use credit cards, or do we decide it’s just checks or cash? Hats: maybe ask other PACs to go in on the hat order, so we don’t each have to move as many hats? Decision: Shirts from GeeTeez. Adult – gray with navy ringer, child – orange with navy ringer, ladies fitted – gray with navy ringer. Elise will work on order form and online options.

PAC Night Out – April 9 at Gigi’s!



NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 22

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