Thursday, May 20

Meeting Minutes 5.19.10

South PAC Agenda - May 19, 2010

Welcome and Introductions
Attending: Nicole, Christy, Kori, Tony, Megan, Leslee, Brad, Trisha, Elise

Treasurer's Report
Year-end financial report - we spent a lot less on Gingerbread house this year - if anyone has outstanding receipts please submit them! T-shirt sales we ended up paying out more than we took in, which doesn't seem to make sense. Need to check with Dan on this - were there shirts left over?

LAC update
Looking to move year end picnic to Boom Island as a more central location. Tony brought up safety concerns concerns with it being so close to the river - would need to have vigilant watchers. Agreement that we would rather keep the current habit of rotating locations. * ECFE classes at Hale are moving to Longfellow. This leaves a big gap in south Minneapolis, which may lose us some families. Need to find a way to forge closer bonds with public schools so they are in favor of hosting. * Long discussion time on place and time for LAC meetings next year. They want to move to second Thursday of the month to avoid recurring Mpls school activites (and possibly other reasons). Would PAC be willing to change as well? Motion to move PAC meetings to second Thursdays except for September, assuming that the LAC also moves. Priority is to keep LAC and PAC together. Seconded and approved. Trisha will communicate to Helen. * Staff changes - with Helen and Sharon leaving, new positions have been created, with an infant to three director and assistant and a three to five director and assistant. Also Sue Harrington is retiring, which means we no longer have a contact for Burroughs. Focus for next Fall: the more people that can come to the LAC meetings in the fall, the better off we'll be for this transition. Discussion of approval for funds for kindergarten brochure. Up to $150 approved to print color brochures.

Cinco de Mayo report
Such a great event this year. Spent too much on food again, so we should adjust that for next year. Had about 120 people attending, very diverse crowd including a lot of Spanish speaking families. Discussion of getting PAC flyer translated into Spanish. Tony will help with this.

Vehicle Day - Saturday, May 21st, 10 am - 1pm
can Ron sell Teddy Bear Band CDs at the event? SPAC would make $1 per sale. Trisha will email Jenny to touch base with Ron. If he will take care of it, it's a go.
Volunteers should bring their own chairs, Kori will provide the table.

PAC Night Out-reschedule?
Maybe reschedule night out to celebrate Christy? Rescheduled for weds, June 8 at 7:30 at highland park chatterbox

Year End Family Picnic
June 15 from 5-7 at Dan's house. Evites forthcoming. $180 approved for food/bev.

Chair reports/summaries
Elise will coordinate getting reports from this Year's chairs.

Elections-PAC chair, Secretary, Treasurer
Chairs- Fundraising (scholastic, t-shirts, Chinook books), preschool fair, gingerbread
All current officers re-elected. Nicole will chair Gingerbread event again, Suzanne will chair Scholastic books. Need to contact Jenny about Chinook books. Elise will do Preschool fair again. Megan will chair Advocacy committee. Fundraising and Membership chairs are open.

August planning meeting - to be scheduled later, but location will be Kori's house.

Approval of $500 for second round of payments for MELD teachers.
Online class - Sue Harrington submitted a report. Also Elise reminded members to request access to the online site for their classes if ey want that option.

Saturday, June 11th, Tony's fishing event is happening at Powderhorn Park from 10-12.

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