Thursday, May 20

Meeting Minutes 5.20.10

ECFE South PAC Meeting Minutes

Attending: Christy, Sue, Catherine, Heather, Kori, Angie, Suzanne, Elise, Dan, Trisha, Jenny, Emily (new!)

Welcome and Introductions – What are you looking forward to this summer?

Treasurer’s Report - $3462.61 in the bank

LAC update
1. ECFE Year-end Picnic: May 27th 5:30-7pm – this coming Thursday at North Mississippi Regional Park. Bring own dinner, ECFE provides entertainment and ice cream!
2. Thurs, Sept 16th: ECFE night at Children’s Museum 5-8 (?) Open only to ECFE families! Pizza available for purchase.
3. Lobbying group for early childhood programs presented document they are pushing to candidates for governor with 5 key points. See document at sidebar. Meeting this summer on how to spread the word. See
4. LAC has officially approved credit card payments for ECFE classes!!! Hopefully will be live for fall registrations. Trisha will be co-chair for LAC next year. (Yay, Trish!)

Cinco de Mayo report – smaller turnout this year than last year; could be weather, could be day of the week, etc. Approx. 40 families attended, all seemed to enjoy their time. Suzanne will create Google doc for this event – need to work on centralizing all documents for the events.

Speaker Event – Safety report – Light turn-out (11 people). Might be more interest in fall or winter. Speakers are also available for individual ECFE classes. Good feedback from people who attended. Will try to do it again in fall or winter. Also requests for CPR class – maybe combine?

Vehicle Day – Saturday, June 5 10am – 1pm – we got the trolley!! Plus lots of other great vehicles. Elise will do the shopping and drop stuff off with Kori. Sue got feedback last year that Tot Lot at Sabbathani was a real mess – we will have some volunteers sweep the lot ahead of time this year. Note from Christy – next year we need to coordinate with Tony on take kids fishing day so it doesn’t conflict.

PAC Night Out – TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday) at Gigi’s, 7pm

Year End Family Picnic – PAC family year-end event. PAC buys pizza and drinks, people bring desserts and appetizers. Dan will host. Monday June 7th, 5-8 pm 100 Melbourne Ave SE. 55414 612-802-9212 if you get lost.

President – Kori
Secretary – Elise
Treasurer – Trisha
Preschool Fair – Jenny (Elise will help with computer survey stuff)
Gingerbread – Emily
Fundraising – Dan
Membership – Heather
Advocacy – Catherine and Jenny
Scholastic Books – something to set up for fall (system changes in August.)

1. Hale needs to move rooms (again!) and would like some help packing up. June 7/8 time-frame. Can’t bring kids but if someone could watch kids while others go help, that would be helpful! Coordinate by email.
2. Next year’s MELD class: Elise will co-facilitate with Kori. Woo! Tuesdays at Wilder 9:30-11:30 am.
3. August 5th Puppet Show at Angie’s House!!

NEXT meeting: August planning meeting, date TBA

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