Wednesday, March 16

Meeting Minutes 2.17.11

These are kind of sketchy since I was facilitating the meeting at the same time, but:

Attending: Christy, Leslee, Elise, Catherine, Jenny, Tony, Trisha, Dan, Angie, Brad, Megan, Kate, Nicole, Ben

1. Winter Pot Luck: scheduled for March 27 @Christy's house, 4pm.

2. Treasurer's Report: We have ~$3300 in the bank. Best Buy gave us $2000 on Trisha's behalf! Yay Trisha!

3. LAC Update: Children's Museum event was a success - 100+ people. NorthPAC Disco Ball had over 150 people attend. They are also doing a Mom-cation and a plant sale. LAC wants feedback on online payment option - seems like there are still a few glitches, but overall response has been positive

4. Spring Events:
  • Cinco de Mayo Potluck (Ben, Angie, Nicole, Megan) - May 5th is a Thursday night, same night as Wilder evening ECFE classes, so that's perfect. Event will be 5:30-7:30, with two shifts for helpers: 5-6:30 and 6:30-8. $350 was approved for beans, rice, cheese, tortillas. Angie will supervise the craft option; Christy is checking on supplies.
  • Vehicle Day - scheduled for May 21st; Emily is chair
5. T-Shirts follow-up: Sales were great for first time out - Wilder bought 22, Hale 19, and Kenny 17. We made $205 profit! We are donating a shirt to the Hale Mascot.

6. Data Storage follow-up: Review of last meeting's information. Everyone sign up for a Dropbox account!

7. Funding for a Speaker: Christy had idea for baby-centered event featuring speaker Stephanie Johnson, who talks about how movement affects brain development in babies, plus Angie and friends could do a session on baby yoga and sign language. Shooting for a Saturday morning at Wilder or Kenny. $250 was approved as speaker fee. Christy will look into arrangements.

8. Teacher Appreciation baskets - they were super full and lovely!

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