Friday, March 18

Meeting Minutes for 3.17.11

Attending: Kori, Brad, Trisha, Elise, Megan, Christy, Emily, Nicole

1. Furniture Donation - Tony Trelles and his wife are again looking for furniture in good condition to be donated for families in need. They will pick up if needed. Contact Tony for more info.

2. The potluck is happening on the 27th. Don't go to Christy's house before then!

3. $4078.02 is our current balance. Let's spend some money!!

4. LAC Update: ECFE end of year picnic May 26, location TBD. Other PAC updates: April 18 4-5:30 pm 348 TOTS is sponsoring a speaker. North is doing their plant sale, also a toy swap. Issue: Did not go to advocacy day this year. Last minute decision based on one person's complaint. Need feedback from families as to what the impact on them was. Suggestion that ECFE create an official complaint process to handle things like this in the future. This will probably come back to the PACs next year, so we may have to advocate for it or possibly even change bypass to fund buzzing ourselves. Budget task force: looking for someone who is skilled in SurveyMonkey. Need to survey pareprogram their desires for class choices so we can try to get more classes to capacity and generate some revenue to maintain ECFE program

5. Cinco de Mayo coming up. Ben and Tony have this under control.

6. Vehicle Day - need to start making calls to reserve the vehicles. Emily will divide the list and send it out to committee members. We have to provide our own table this year. We can use their chairs and garbage cans. Also need to make flyer and send to Ron.

7. Speaker - sat April 16,10-12, speaker for the first hour and baby yoga/baby sign class for second hour. No child care, but babies welcome. Need some helpers for setup and takedown.

8. Advocacy - we neeeeeeeed to have a chair of this committee for next year. Megan has stepped up. Woot, Megan!

9. T-shirts - voted to keep the same colors. Brad says the kid sizes run very small. We need to send the form to the other PACS so they can copy it if they want.

10. Scholastic - see Suzanne's note.

11. Summer puppet show - we will publicize; Angie is authorized to go ahead and schedule the event.

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