Thursday, April 21

Meeting Minutes 4.21.11

Attending: Kori, Megan, Bradley, Angie, Trisha, Jenny, Elise, Suzanne, Christy, Nicole

Cinco de Mayo - need volunteers to man the doors (16 & 2), people to supervise crafts. Tony made connection with McPhail to do an interactive music activity as part of this event, also the Azteca dancers to provide entertainment at end of dinner! 5:30-6:30 Potluck, 6-7:30 crafts and gym open, 6:15-6:45 Azteca dancers, 6:45-7:30 McPhail presentation

As of end of year, current management of ECFE is laid off and they are restructuring organization. Updates as they are available. Staff are being interviewed on their preferences in the coming weeks. ECFE will be having an open house for all staff who are being let go, to which PAC members will be invited. Christy advocated sending nice gift and card to both Helen and Sharon. $100 per person approved.

Treasurer's Report - $3798.02 in budget.

LAC Update - long discussion about school board advocacy and how ECFE helps keep families in Mpls public schools - need to get that message out as budgets are being cut. Superintendent did visit Kenny Dad's class and talk with them. Possibly will be asking for letter campaign in fall - or just call/email your school board rep whenever! On Nicole's suggestion, Kori will send Vehicle Day and Cinco de Mayo flyers to school board members. *** Kindergarten brochure is still working it's way through development. *** Still looking for outside sources of funding for ECFE. Have grant writer on board, just need to determine what to apply for. With changes in leadership this will probably get put on the back burner. *** Trisha and Elise are working on survey to assess what guides parents in choosing classes. *** If anyone is interested in becoming a parent rep for the LAC meetings, those positions are being elected at the next meeting. No previous experience required!

Speaker Event - great turnout and very successful event. A lot of requests to have a similar event again, so we should look into it for next year. Christy really advocates using Wilder for speaker events - great space! Angie notes that on May 1 Creative Kidstuff is having a great event for expectant mothers with free swag and mini classes, so spread the word.

Vehicle Day - 10-1 on 5/21 flyers have gone out, vehicles have been contacted and some have confirmed. Suzanne will get ices, lemonade, and jug. Kori will bring table at setup. We

Scholastic Books - last brochures are out, response has been good but next year might want two people - it's a lot of work.


PAC night out? - 5/13 at Gigi's @7:30pm

End of Year Picnic - Weds 6/15, location TBD

Storage of PAC items - Christy can no longer store tubs as she will be starting her PhD program in the fall! Congrats to Christy. Suzanne has volunteered to take over storage.

Announcements: Tony is once again doing a fishing event sometime on the free fishing weekend, specific date tab. Angie is setting up an open eye figure puppet theater event for sometime in June. Stay tuned for details.

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