Saturday, September 17

Meeting Minutes 9.15.11

7:00 Welcome and Introductions- Kori

Attending: Kori, Nicole, Jean, Andy, Jen, Elise, Catherine, Doug, Tony, Megan, Trisha, Melanie, Suzanne – whee!

7:10 PAC Welcome Packet and update roster (Kori) – make sure you're on the roster if you plan on being a member this year. (Membership requirements = attend 2 meetings + be on a committee [offsite options available for members who cannot attend meetings]) SouthPAC represents classes at Wilder, Kenny, Longfellow and Andersen (Andersen primarily Spanish speaking families, so may not be able to get representation from there)

Jean Breitenbucher – new liaison, District Program Facilitator for South ECFE sites. Focus is on leadership with birth-three (North DPF focuses on 3-5) Many registration issues this year with all the changeovers. Most of these have been documented and should be taken care of this year.

7:30 Chinook Books (Jen) – Mobile app included this year with book purchase ($10 value). Price is still $20 of which ECFE keeps $10. We have plenty of extras so anyone who wants to sell some let Jen know. Plan is to sell them until the November meeting (11/10). Sites will keep the $$ from any books they sell. This year we will ask site liaisons to report back on what the money was used for so we can promote the event with parents.

7:40 Scholastic (Suzanne) – Catalogs will go out next week; two weeks to order; books should be back by early October. Once again ordering will be online, so remind people to include their site name on the form!!!!

7:45 Advocacy (Megan) – will look over documents from previous years to get up to speed. Interested in Latino issues in particular – how can we better facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking classes and PAC/LAC? Possibly look into getting bilingual assistant to translate so we can offer that service. Transportation is also an issue.

7:50 Preschool Fair (Elise) – Need to get translator for fair. At Burroughs on November 19th 10-1 – spread the word!! Email Elise if you have schools you want included. 8:00 Ginger Bread (Nicole) – Burroughs on December 3 from 10-1. Nicole will gather all the supplies (Angie has plastic knives!) but needs help breaking up graham crackers. Tony note: please let Jean know ASAP once dates are set so staff can make plans for attendance

8:10 Membership (Jen) (Fall Night Out) – Oct. 7, location TBD 8:20 Sign up for committee chairs Fundraising T-Shirts Speaker Events Cinco de Mayo Vehicle Day
Tony's fishing event

Housekeeping: Get Google docs onto Dropbox. Re-send Dropbox invites.
How do we get flyers translated? How do flyers even work this year? (Tony gets flyers translated for Andersen and Wilder; bilingual aides also make announcements.)

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