Thursday, October 25

10.25.12 Meeting Minutes

Attending: Kori, Annette, Elise, Trisha, Megan, Katie, Ted, Jill, Laura, Tony, Angie

New Member welcome - check folders for PAC FAQ and accomplishments. Review of accomplishments by Kori (chair)

Treasurer Report - $1225.53 in account.

Site Council - 2nd Thursday of the month 5:30-6:30 with pizza for all at 5. 1st half of the year at Mona Moede, 2nd half at Wilder. Free childcare. All are welcome. Trying to set clearer goals. For this year. E.g. Publicizing screening at three, etc. Citywide fundraiser the week of the 26th of Nov. at Davanni's. Question about eastPAC's Parkway Pizza monthly fundraiser - need to look into it. Angie will call around and see if we can swing a similar deal with someone. // new information for organizing PAC events and who's in charge of what. If you ever have any questions or issues let Trisha or Annette or Tony know. In general, start with the site liaison and work from there.
//Screening info postcards and other ideas for publicizing screening - send them to Trisha

Preschool Fair - Elise will get flyer out this week. $50 approved for snacks at the event. Tony and Annette will split copying for the packets - $100 approved for paper and toner costs, if needed.

T-shirt Sales - hoping to do it twice this year, once each semester. Matt has all the info and is on track.

Chinook books -29 books + 19 apps sold.  Longfellow 32 Wilder  65.50 Kenny 93.50 PAC 223.50. Market was tough this year; market is saturated and economy might be having an effect.

Scholastic - majority of orders were online this semester, which is awesome. Next flyer will come out in November - hopefully 2nd week, so people can get books back in time for Xmas. Question about how to redeem points. Jill will send login info to site liaisons so they can order their points books. Also sites get $3 coupon whenever someone orders online!!

Gingerbread - Katie will work on flyer; all relevant documents should be in Dropbox - anyone who needs an invite ask Elise. Everyone can help by asking their local grocery store to donate a gift card for the event. Ask for a manager and they can help you.  Elise will send Trisha the letter. We need to set a date for shopping - bring gift cards to next meeting. Trisha will email out the PAC TIN #.

Fall night out - Nov 9th at the BLB for Elise's show. Ted will resend evite to make sure everyone gets it.

Next Meeting: November 29th

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