Thursday, October 25

Meeting Minutes 9.27.12

Attending: Kori, Annette, Susie*, Ted*, Matt*, Elise, Jill*, Katie*
*= New member!!!

Treasurer's report: we have $795 in the account

Kori's Notes:

1. Matt is doing t-shirt sales twice this year. Thanks so much Matt!
2. Jill is doing Scholastic four times this year. Really nice to have someone take this on. Thanks Jill!
3. Jenny is wrapping up Chinook Book sales. They have been a little slow this year, so if you have yet to buy one get on it! Thanks Jenny!
4. The Preschool Fair is Nov. 10th from 10am-12pm. We have 2 volunteer shifts 9-11 and 11-1. Kori Susie and Jenny are signed up for the first shift. Jill and Elise are signed up for the second. We could use a couple more volunteers, so please mark your calendars! We are going to be asking for donations for copies this year because we have to pay for copies for the first time. If you have a copy hook up please let Elise or I know. Elise is doing all the behind the scenes work again this year, and Ted is shadowing for next year. Thanks a bunch!
5. Gingerbread is December 1st. Please mark your calendars for the evening of November 29th for set-up and the 1st. AND SAVE YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDY PLEASE! Katie has volunteered to chair this year. Thanks Katie!
6. We are donating a turkey to the Kenny fall festival. Annette is doing a great job at making ECFE part of the Kenny community.
7. We are having a PAC night out on November 9th. We will be seeing a show titled All in the Timing at BLB, featuring the super funny and talented Elise Robinson. Should be a good time!
8. Please let Trisha know of any registration glitches you have run into.
9. If anyone or anyone's spouse has an employer who donates to the organization you volunteer with, please let us know!

So that was more than a couple, but it was a great meeting. I'm looking forward to the year! See you all October 25th!

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