Thursday, May 16

Meeting minutes 5.16.13

Attending: Kori, Tony, Angie, Katie, Suzie, Laura, Trisha, Elise, Ted, Megan

Vehicle Day - big success, we have been invited back! Kudos to Jill for face-painting in the freezing weather. Possibly request a spot closer to the vehicles for next year.

Cinco de Mayo - small turnout - between 50 and 60 people, down from 150 in past years. Did not have entertainment this year and weather did not help.

Year End Picnic - 4:30 pm June 9th at Elise's house. Bring something to grill and a side or dessert to share. Watch for an invitation via email.

Saturday, June 8 - fishing event with Tony from 10-12 at Powderhorn on the Pier. A lot of other fun activities happening at Powderhorn that day, so a good day to check out the park.

T-Shirts - raised $600+ Awesome!  Next year should be even better as we have a better contact list. Suzie will do it again next year and we will try for sales each semester.

Garage Sale - bring your stuff to Kori and she will store it until the sale.

End of year Treasurer report - We had a great year overall. Did some great fundraisers, plus overcharging for Gingerbread house :-) , and spent less than usual on Cinco de Mayo. Ending the year with $1421.24; $545 in the black.

Site council meeting - next year they are creating a new ECFE logo. End of year ECFE picnic next week.  Trying to create a document with descriptions of positions on the council. Next year will be Trisha's last year as chair. Meetings next year will be at Wilder for fall semester and Mona Moede in spring semester.

Elections - Secretary: Ted! Elise will be backup. Treasurer: Suzie! Trisha will be backup. Suzie can take over as treasurer if we can get the right form to allow her to open an account. Ted is on it. President: Kori, but next year will be her last year as Chair, so we need someone or someones to shadow her. Angie and possibly Laura are interested.

Preschool Fair and Chinook Books - Ted will chair Preschool Fair and Jenny can do Chinook books again.

Summer Meeting: August 6, 7 pm at Kori's house. There will be DRINKS.

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