Thursday, September 26

Meeting minutes 9.26.13



Treasurer report

Chinook Books - they are available, but not for long -if you haven't gotten one yet in class, ask Kori or Jenny and she will hook you up. Sales were down a little last year - market seems to be saturated, so we may need to reevaluate this as a fundraiser.

Angie - would be helpful to have wish lists from the sites so we can keep an eye out for stuff or funnel used things to the sites.

Request for the year-end report in digital format. Heather will contact Trisha to get this.

Garage sale was great - we made over $300. If we do this again, maybe consider doing our own so we get all the profit. Also, high-ticket items like strollers, etc. are a more efficient way to make money than clothes. Maria volunteered her house for a sale in May to coincide with the Kenny/Armatage yearly sale, so that's an option (third week in May; start planning in January) Also next time maybe follow good will guidelines for donation items so after the sale we can bring them right there.

T-shirts - can teachers print out order forms and distribute? Forms need to go out this coming week. Shirts will be black with white lettering this year. Trying to sell twice this year, once each semester.

Scholastic - order forms are out! Sales seem to be perking along. Orders are due 10/1, then Angie will input the manual orders. There will be three sales - October, December, and March. October orders will come in time for Halloween, December will be in time for holidays, etc.

Preschool Fair - at Kenny, November 9, event is 10-1, need volunteers from 9-11 and 11-1

Gingerbread - December 7th at Kenny 10-1, need volunteers from 9-1:30. Need volunteers to go and solicit donations or gift cards - Kori will hit Target, otherwise we can make a list at October meeting.

Saturday Oct 12/13 12:30-4:30 Farmer Ken's pumpkin patch - $5 donation, pumpkin patch and trolley ride - fun fall activity for the family.

ECFE is looking for a volunteer to help with planning the end of the year picnic.

East PAC Speakers: Power of Play, Rough and Tumble Play, and Pajama Party

Angie has friend who is sleep specialist, might work for a speaker for SouthPAC

Site Council has some issues they are requesting PAC input on. Registration issues have been a big issue again this year - we will have Jenny bring this to Site Council. Kori really, really wants to resign from chair so she can focus on district - wide issues with her older kids - please consider stepping up or recruiting someone who would be interested.

There has been some concern in the classes with the changing emphasis in ECFE classes on literacy and circle time and a highly structured, "school" like environment - this seems developmentally inappropriate for younger children in particular, and takes away from the family and play emphasis that was formerly such an integral part of the ECFE mission. Kori and some members of EastPAC are considering a letter writing campaign to voice these concerns. Kori read a sample letter that could be used as a template. Elise and Kori will work on honing the text and then send it out.

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