Thursday, November 21

Attending: Kori, Elise, Leah, Katie, Trisha, Lacey, Dan, Suzy, Maria

Member list has been updated and sent to ECFE admin - register now before phone registration starts to get preference!

December meeting - we will have a social event instead! 12/19 Lacey will arrange it and send an evite.

Treasurer Report - We have about $2500. Chinook book proceeds have been sorted and money is available for the sites to use. Longfellow has been reimbursed already; other sites are waiting on bigger purchases. Other sites will put together a wish list for their Chinook book money.

Sites Wish List:  need to know how much money we spend for all events.  Will put an itemized list in Dropbox for use at meetings.  Budget for events is about $600 for the year.  If we know how much money we are spending out in events, we will better know how much to pay toward wish list items.  We are still waiting on some wish lists.  We also need to consider how to go about deciding which items to spend money toward so that each site knows how money is distributed.  Motion to split money evenly between the sites.  Passed.

T-Shirts:  sold fewer than 10 shirts.  Susie thinks that next Fall we should sell sweatshirts or long-sleeve shirts because we sold a lot of t-shirts last Spring, and expect to sell more in Spring 2014.  Kori thinks we should consider a joint fundraiser with East and North PACs and will talk to East and North PAC presidents about it.  The shirts will print Monday and deliver Tuesday.  Susie makes motion that we sell t-shirts to teachers and EAs at cost in the future.  Elise seconds.  Passed.

Scholastic:  last scholastic order was pretty big, but the Nov/Dec one was tricky so we skipped Thanksgiving and went with only a Christmas order.  One person in a class placed an order that was not delivered.  Need to call Scholastic and inform them that a book was not included and they will send a book for free.

Preschool Fair follow up:  about 80 families came through and 13 schools participated, with another three schools included in the information packet but unable to attend.

Gingerbread event:  we are still getting donations from merchants and will buy the supplies once we know how much money we have from which merchants.

Site council:  priorities for the year include more diversity in enrollment, brand strengthening and increasing partnerships with other early childhood education providers.  East PAC has had good speaker events lately and good fundraising from the cookie cart.  Spent time discussing how to communicate better what ECE is, and are preparing a presentation on the different components of ECE, looking for feedback from teachers and parents and PACs as to what might be missing and what could be made clearer.

Letters should have been distributed regarding the tracking children enrolled in ECFE.  This number will remain the child's public school number throughout schooling.

Questionaires should also have been handed out, and we use those to help secure funding.

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