Tuesday, April 29

Meeting Minutes: April 24, 2014

Attending:  Leah, Kori, Tony, Angie, Heather, Jess, Susie & Ted

Treasurer Report:  Current balance is $2,738.  We did not track the value of donations made by local merchants for the gingerbread event, and so do not know what to budget for next year in the event that we are unable to match this year's donations.  Next year we should track the donations.

End-of-the-Year Picnic:  East PAC has asked whether we would like to match donations to buy ice cream.  Susie makes a motion to donate $200, to be matched by East PAC, and the motion is approved.

Vehicle Day:  Heather contacted Choo Choo Bob's, and they are donating two train tables for the event.  Our booth will either be a shared venue with Richfield and Edina's ECFEs, or near them.  We will also have a teacher present.  Kori and Ted have volunteered to help Heather run the booth.

Cinco de Mayo:  The site is secured and preparations are mostly done.  We still need plates, cups, jugs of water and plastic ware.  Angie will provide a craft and has volunteered to help in the child care room.  Ted will pick up the rice and beans.  We expect 100 or more.

Site Wish List:  tabled until May

T-Shirts:  Order forms have been distributed and the deadline to order is May 9.  Teachers and EAs are offered shirts for cost.  It will take two weeks for delivery.

Scholastic:  The last delivery went well and we have no plans for another order this year.

Garage Sale:  We had discussed hosting a sale during a neighborhood garage sale weekend, but we currently have no good location.

Elections:  Kori cannot attend the Thursday meetings next year, and we need a new president.

Site Council:  Rita is retiring.

Miscellany:  The Bath and Baby Expo has asked that we sponsor a child care room, and has also asked that we by a table for display.  The event is October 4.  Angie will find out how much a table costs, and expects it to be somewhere between $80-150. 

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