Friday, December 1

October & November 2024 Meeting Minutes

 A little late to post but better than never!  This post includes the minutes for the two most recent meetings, October 16th and November 8th.

This year, like in years past, the council would like to host a few events likely all in the Spring:  An ECFE Advocacy Day at the MN State Capitol, a gender & sexuality conference for parents, and a year-end preschool festival.  

The council also expressed hope in increasing fundraising efforts to support ECFE classrooms not just this year, but lay the groundwork for continuing fundraising in the years ahead.

 To view the minutes from both of these meetings, follow this link to Google Docs. 

The next meeting is December 13th, at Mona Moede in north Minneapolis.  Check out the updated "Meetings" page here for the full schedule, and addresses of the meeting locations.  Virtual call-ins are an option as well, via Google Meet-- details are listed with the full schedule as well.

We hope to see you there!

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