Friday, January 12

January 2024 Meeting Minutes

 Here are the meeting minutes for the January 2024 Family Council meeting (Google Docs).

Quick recap

This week's discussion was focused primarily on the upcoming FamilyTree education night.  The date has been set for February 13th, at the Wilder center.  In the past, this event has been broadly popular with parents and caregivers and so we are happy to continue with it this year.  FamilyTree provides reproductive and sexual health services in the Minneapolis area, and expertly engages with schools and community groups in sex education discussions and courses.  Our event in February will be tailored to parents and caregivers of young children, and consist of educator-led discussion. For more information, visit the Family Tree Clinic website here.

Minneapolis ECFE - Wilder
3345 Chicago Ave
Minneapolis, MN
Door #2 
The Wilder School Complex is served by Metro Transit's 5 Bus Route. If you are driving, the best place to park is along 34th Street near the play structure.


Because the normal February meeting date falls on Valentine's Day, and would be the day after the FamilyTree evening, we moved the meeting to Wednesday, February 21st (one week later).  Additionally, we encourage all attendees to arrive before the 6pm start time, as early as 5:30, to have more time getting to know each other and catch up before turning to business.

Please check out the full meeting minutes, linked above, for additional info!  See you at the next meeting, Feb 21st, 6:00pm (doors open at 5:30), at Mona Moede.

Minneapolis ECFE - Mona Moede
2410 Girard Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Mona Moede is served by Metro Transit's D Line Bus Route.  Entrance is on South side of the building, where 23rd Ave N and Girard Ave intersect.